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In today’s world most companies find it more logical to rent a vehicle rather than purchase.
Renting a Car service consists of; The Rental company is responsible for all responsibilities of the rental period, reasons like being practical and economic for renting, not only for vacationers but also for businessman involving business trips travelling to different areas and cities are also becoming a high demand. Our Rent a Car services are not only restricted with these services, but also providing solutions to companies with long term fleet rental advantages. KROS Rent a Car keeps a wide solutions program, purchasing decisions for company departments or managers, fleet rental has become the solution for these companies.
With long term fleet rentals KROS Tourism Car Rental finds advantajable solutions to companies that purchase their own vehicle fleet, economically, manpower and preventing competition in terms of weakening. It is quite clear with research and experience that fleet rental is most profitable.

What is the advantages of fleet rental?
-Investment Cost and Advantages
A firm, that purchases fleet vehicles will tie an significant amount of financial resources to a property that is constantly loosing value. With KROS Rent a Car solutions; with pre-determined contract terms of the cost of rent being paid, such as investment costs and financing costs will not be faced with financial problems.
-Financing Advantage
With KROS Rent a Car fleet rental solutions; firm, long-term lease of the entire automobile Income Tax Act No. 180 of expenses as may be notified in accordance with.
-Investment Expense
A purchased vehicle in 5 years can be determined as an expense. With KROS Rent a Car’s fleet rental solutions; with our monthly invoices can be used as expenses.
- Periodic Maintenance of Vehicles
Vehicle maintenance requirements, Companies that purchase fleet vehicles, creates problems in terms of both cost and time.With KROS Rent a Car's fleet rental solutions; The periodic maintenance during the fleet rental periods is our responsibility. Thus, the provisions of the tenant company, in a way that negatively affect cash flow and maintenance costs that could arise in a surprise addition to having to bear the expense. Our company can undertake all these responsibilities with the company because of the vehicle fleet will be folded money, time and labor is to minimize losses.
-Vehicle Support Services (provide spare vehicle)
Car fleet purchases of the company any of the car accident case, the event will not be available or during periods of maintenance of vehicles sales, distribution problems as the basis functions will not hinder.With KROS Rent a Car’s fleet rental solutions; vehicles during the maintenance period our firm will provide a replacement vehicle, if the vehicle is in a unusable situation than a replacement vehicle is also provided.
-Value Added Tax
Buy a car become a value added tax for fixed assets are combined with the cost of goods. Value added tax payable can not be offset as well. With KROS Rent a Car's fleet rental solution; amount of value added tax can be offset each month. If you bring to your business of having the car you want to get rid of the difficulties, you can call us immediately, or You can fill out our request form.